The name

In 1206 the founder of the order, Drogon Tsangpa Gyare, saw nine dragons flew up into the sky. He followed this great auspicious sign, and named his order Drukpa – after the Tibetan word “Druk” which means “Dragon”. He became thus known as the First Gyalwang Drukpa.

Tsangpa Gyare was an outstanding disciple of the great Mahasiddha Lingchen Repa. He made many treasures of Dharma accessible in southern Tibet. He also discovered Tsari, a holy and powerful place in Tibet. Thanks to his outstanding spiritual achievements Tsangpa Gyare became known as „Druk Tamchay Khyenpa“ (the omniscient Dragon) and was reverentially called „Je Drukpa“ (Lord Dragon-Master). Due to his very profound spiritual teachings, which always achieved a wide impact, Tsangpa Gyare became famous as an authentic spiritual master. In addition to other publications, he wrote a commentary on the Tantra of Chakrasamvara. His teachings were often attended by up to 50,0000 people and it is reported that he had 88,000 eminent disciples, of whom 28,000 became enlightened Yogis.

The Drukpa order has always been famous for its purity, simplicity and asceticism of its followers and still adheres to these principles today. According to the goals of its founder, the order strives for humanity and mutual help.